Help. Hope. Empowerment.

Learn your options and plan your solution with expert help.
Proven principles and strategies in a realistic plan build hope.
Executing your personalized plan brings you empowerment, then control.
We know it can work for you. We’ve seen it happen more than a million times.

“I was living from paycheck to paycheck. I wasn’t budgeting until I met you all. I learned how to read my credit report, budget, and build wealth.

I’m less stressed out now and I have savings. I’m happy —very happy!”

Charlotte, NC


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HUD certification

Association of independent consumer credit counseling agencies

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Alliance Credit Counseling

Better Results for You

Alliance’s AFCPEcertified financial counselors average nearly 8 years experience. You get the best possible advice, plan & results.

More Solution Options for You

Alliance’s services & creditor relationships are second to none. You get more flexibility for your individual situation.

High Quality Services, Professional Standards

Alliance is recognized by federal & state agency approvals & certifications. Alliance is ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certified.

Low Service Costs, and even Free Services

Thanks to the Federal, State, Foundation and Institutional Financial Support. This means you save money.